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The Sheet Metal Apprenticeship Program is committed to ensuring a dependable source of skilled, versatile Sheet Metal Workers to its cooperating Employers. It is further dedicated to providing committed men and women the basis for resources and training to stay current in an ever changing building industry.



Apprenticeship Program

              Sheet Metal Local # 1 North Joint Apprentice Training Program is a four-year federally approved apprenticeship with the student employed full-time by a signatory contractor and also attending training two nights per week during the typical school year. Students are given training and experience in all facets of the Sheet Metal trade coupled with a strong emphasis on accident prevention and safe work habits.

               Typical Sheet Metal work consists of fabrication and installation of residential, commercial, and industrial heating, cooling and ventilating systems; the fabrication and installation of roof flashing, gutters, metal siding, metal roofs; service work, maintenance, and repair of all types of heating and cooling equipment; refrigeration; stick, mig, and tig welding; and lagging work, just to mention the most obvious facets of the trade.  If it is made out of metal, we can and will do it!

               A Sheet Metal Apprentice starts their career at 40% of the established union hourly pay rate and receives a 5% pay increase every six months.  After successful completion of the four year program, the Apprentice graduates and earns 100% of the hourly pay rate. Benefits are paid on behalf of the Apprentice from the first day of employment.  Currently, benefits include Health Insurance including medical, dental, and vision coverage for the Apprentice and for his/her entire family at no additional cost; a Defined Benefit Pension Plan; a Savings Plan; and a Self Directed Retirement Plan.

                Sheet Metal Workers Local # 1 North Joint Apprentice Training Committee (J.A.T.C) is registered as part of the National Apprenticeship Program in accordance with the basic standards of apprenticeship established by the Secretary of Labor, United States Department of Labor.

Randy Senica, Chairman
Daniel F. Aussem 
Robert Chapman


Larry Louis, Secretary
Robert Miller   
 Chris Peterson

Larry Louis

Jim Schaibley  
Joe Couts
Brian Moline

Sheet Metal Workers L. U. # 1 North – Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (J.A.T.C)
341 Bellevue Avenue
Ottawa, Illinois 61350 

Ph. & Fax: 815-433-1047


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